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Posted on 9th Feb at 9:29 AM, with 1 note
Mo’ shows.

Hey everyone (wow that sounds lame, anyone got a better intro?), I went to a mini show last night for a local band. Novascotia played at The Beat cafe, opening up for Stephen Jerzak. This was their first show playing their new music and in my opinion, it went really well. They used to be kind of a post-punk-hardcore band (I think), but have since changed their sound to be more of an indie rock. They had the best intro (which involved dancing around in the crowd) and definitely kept up a good variety. They only had a 30 minute time slot, but they used it effectively. They definitely have a lot of talent and potential. CHECK ‘EM OUT.

This kind of crappy post-punk band played after them. They were all cymbals, whiny voices,¬†and distorted guitar. But hey, the singer was cute and that’s all that matters right?!?!

Well, that’s all that I stayed for considering it was a school night and whatnot.

Now, to give y’all a concert schedule update:

2/11 My Brightest Diamond (Also, I need someone to accompany me so if you know me IRL, come with me!)

2/14 Polica

2/18 MuteMath

2/23 Tennis

3/2 SXSW sendoff show

3/7 Iamdynamite

3/13 Grimes w/ Born Gold

3/31 Gardens & Villa

4/16 Cults

4/19 Howler

5/12 St. Vincent

5/15 The Black Keys w/ Arctic Monkeys

8/3-5 Lollapalooza 2012


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