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Posted on 5th Jul at 3:28 PM, with 30 notes


A. G. Cook - Keri Baby feat. Hannah Diamond by PC Music ♩

Posted on 21st May at 10:50 AM, with 1 note
The encore is not entirely accurate… they didn’t play I Get Low or Lay Down in the Tall Grass but Taylor played Demon Host solo.

The encore is not entirely accurate… they didn’t play I Get Low or Lay Down in the Tall Grass but Taylor played Demon Host solo.

Posted on 21st May at 10:29 AM

Anonymous said: Yes! Please scan setlist or put it up on setlistfm!

Will do, thanks for reminding me

Posted on 11th May at 12:03 AM, with 1 note

Oh man Baths just KILLED it so good. Very personable stage presence//intense//soft//fun//hard//GOOD.

Posted on 8th May at 10:45 PM

ALSO I got the setlist, which I will scan later if I remember to.

Posted on 8th May at 10:43 PM

Wowowowowow Timber Timbre put on a really great show!! I waited for a long time for this and I’m not disappointed.

Fiver were v boring so let’s not talk about them….

TT played a wonderful and powerful and creepy as all hell show.

The only part that broke the good stuff was when Taylor came over to this girl in front who was snapping tons of pictures on her phone and flipped her off and said “Give me that fucking thing!” She awkwardly laughed and gave it to him. Later during the encore he gave it back to her and she said “I’m really sorry I’m actually one of your biggest fans,” and he said “Well then this is for you,” and played Run From Me whose first lyrics go “Run from me darlin’… You better run for your life.”

Other than that awkwardness the show was wonderful. I think that the band was chuckling at some points at how into it I was getting whoops…

TT’s newest record is imo not nearly at lyrically strong as their/his past ones, so I’m glad that they played quite a few older pieces.

At the end of the show Taylor said “See you at Bryant Lake Bowl” so it seems there’s another mpls TT show on the horizon !!!

Posted on 14th Mar at 10:30 AM
I BIRP'd »

Here’s a link to my OTHER blog that I mentioned on the radio last night.

Posted on 14th Mar at 10:27 AM, with 2 notes


Lily Parmenter
Gunnar Kauth
Thurs. 8-9PM

1. Pure Bathing Culture - Ivory Coast
2. The Shivas - Gun in My Pocket
3. Huge Lewis - The Willies
4. Aristophanes 貍貓 - Lotus in the Womb
5. Derevolutions - Yell it Out!
6. The Alvin Band - Temple Pressure
7. Susumu Hirasawa - Ride the Blue Limbo
8. Doldrums - I Hear Music
9. Gatekeeper - Mirage
11. Hannah Diamond - Pink and Blue
12. Old Arc - Poster Boy
13. Homosexual Cops - So What

Posted on 13th Mar at 10:32 AM

Hey everyone. If you wanna get your Lindsay fix for the week, I’m guest DJ-ing on #JACUZZIRAVE69 ( from 8-9PM TONIGHT. Check it out.

Posted on 27th Feb at 10:05 AM, with 6 notes
Born Gold Interview!

I recently sat down in a virtual space with Cecil Frena (from the Edmonton-based Born Gold) to chitty chat about his music and lyrics…


Your past albums seem to have had an over-arching theme; sleep for Little Sleepwalker, the human body for Bodysongs, etc. Is the same true with I Am An Exit?

Cecil Frena:

let’s say ruthless self-scrutiny.


Related to the last question, the human body theme seems to have carried not only through Bodysongs, but through your other work as well. What do you find inspiring and/or fascinating about it?


it’s ground zero of all of our mysteries, consciousness and unconsciousness. it’s kind of an inexhaustible wonder and also the limit point that keeps us grounded and finite.


It’s clear that it’s at least somewhat important to you to create a live performance as opposed to a sedentary show. What value do you see in creating that performance?


i’m a punk kid, so the idea of kinetic performance has always been kind of status quo and dear to me. i used to assess bands based on the level of chaos they could create at the community hall, so i guess it makes sense that the spirit of that has carried through to my work in born gold.


I tend to ask this question to everyone I interview (which is not that many people), but what is your favorite non-musical sound?


you probably get this answer a lot, but i really think that most sounds are musical. after i fully digested noise music and atonality, the realm of concrete sounds that could figure in some kind of composition opened up so wide. a lot of my beats are made up of literal machine clanks or knife drags. that being said, if we’re just talking field recordingy found sound stuff - my favorite sound at this moment is probably mic feedback.


How does your background in hardcore music influence your current artistic process?


i think hardcore, as evidenced by its millions of splinter genres, has often been a pretty culturally omnivorous subculture, at the same time as it’s been really kind of demographically predictable. it’s not like i have a lot of peers doing what i’m doing who come from the same background. but there are definitely a million hardcore kids in shoegaze bands, rock and roll bands, post-punk bands, and so on and so forth. so i think like, the tendency to bracket off into unchartered waters from that point of origin comes naturally.


What was the decision process behind choosing “Hunger” as the lead single of I Am An Exit?


this has already changed since i’ve been writing again, but at the time i really felt like hunger was the best written songy song that i’d made. like maybe not the most aesthetically insane, or the most lyrically weird, just the best songwritery song i’d done to that point. i’m still really proud of it.


Is it more important to you that your listeners understand the message in your music that you’re trying to convey, or that they interpret a meaning of their own? That’s all. Take your time answering them. Thanks a ton again for the show yesterday.


i definitely leave meaning in my work, but at the end of the day i want that seedling to act more as a fertilizer of interpretive possibility rather than a guide to unitary interpretation. i want my songs to be emotionally resonant for people, and while that can sometimes mean they “get what i meant”, often it won’t. i don’t pretend i have any control over that process. death of the author and all that.

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